Competent Person


Our competent person's service is very popular.This is a service suitable for small businesses where they dont have a competent person within health & safety to satisfy their requirement under the Management of Health & Safety at work regulations 1999 to "a competent person within health and safety" this competent person must have appropriate experience, knowledge and skills within health and safety and we can act as your assurance that this legal obligation is covered and also provide you with access to advice on health and safety matters as and when they h are required.


Depending on your requirements we have 2 options which you can choose from


Competent person (basic package)


we assign you the use of our name and provide a letter of confirmation to use for the period of engagement. you also will have access via phone or email to any advice on issues that may present themselves and allowing you to make the rights decisions based on sound advice. this provides you with peace of mine and also satisfies your legal obligations. 


Competent Persons (full support)


This service provides all of the above but also involved one of our assigned consultants to quarterly inspect your business and provide verbal feedback as to how you are performing, suggestions for improvement to your health and safety performance and also support with risk assessments, policies and procedures and updates on any changes to health and safety legislation and guidance.


Tel: 01915274045


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